1. Kiss Calendar illustration by Oni, published in Pizazz Magazine.

  3. thebristolboard:

    Forgotten masterpiece: Complete original art for “Homesick!” by Al Feldstein (story), Al Williamson (figure art) and Roy G. Krenkel (background art) from Weird Fantasy #18, published by EC Comics, March 1953.

    Beautiful rendering and storytelling. Just genius.

  4. Ape Extravaganza: an advertisement / offer from “Planet of the Apes” weekly (U.K.) issue 50.

  5. Poster included with the “KISS Unplugged” vinyl remaster.

  6. Free with the U.K. weekly Super Spider-Man Issue 161 a fun sticker seen here as it was actually printed. 


  7. Please listen. Great sound, brilliant live.

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  8. Given away free with the U.K. weekly comic “The Titans” #1 published in 1975. Art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnot.


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